Tuesday, May 23, 2017


  I am so blessed.  Bluebirds have moved in again, I'm almost positive it's the same pair that were here in 2012, which means they are pretty old for wild birds.  But, they are nesting in the same place, Mrs Bluebird is acting the same way as in the past, checking herself out in all the windows.  Although, she isn't bashing into the windows like last time, so maybe it isn't the same pair, either that or she got smarter.  Who knows.  It is fun listening to them talking as they are bustling around setting up house in the corner of the eve of our house.  Not all Bluebirds need a real "bluebird" house it seems.  These two are making a home on a couple of boards nailed up to the rafters that are 24 inches apart.  So they have a very wide space to build in.  The babies will have a nice "patio" in which to hang out on while they get their wings operational.
  There are a lot of song birds up here this year.  Way more than in the past.  It's so nice when I go outside to hear them all talking away.  Since my cat Reggie died a couple of weeks ago, there won't be a cat stalking and killing birds anymore.  He did in quite a few Junkos earlier this spring.  I think I'm going to stay away from cats for a while.  The neighbors' cats come around at night, so they can get the mice and other rodents that are out then.
  Two cashmere babies are born now.  Cedric on the 10th, and Ace on the 14th.  Both are doing well.  On my Instagram page "cashmereannie", you can see lots of pictures of these two, and most of what is happening around here.  

  The last couple of days have been beautiful summer days.  The garden is starting to come up.  I see some peas emerging.  John is in charge of all the gardening, except the flowers, this year, so I'm not sure what all he has planted, or in what beds.  I know another greenhouse in is the works.  Too bad I don't eat what comes out of them.  Peppers, tomatoes and eggplants are not high on my list of foods I like.  They are way at the bottom, or not even on it.
  I've been getting a few commissions for needle felted animals.  2 skunks, a camel, a couple of bears, a white buffalo, and a dog.  Just have a skunk left to do.  I have some other animals for sale on my website, please check them out.
  Time to get back to working on the skunk....

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Kidding time

 Cedric was born May 10th at about 11 pm.  A beautiful full moon was shining and it was relatively warm out.  He had a sister, but she was stillborn, so he's all by himself.  There are two more does due this month, so he'll have some playmates pretty soon.  He's so tiny that he will need to grow some before being able to play with bigger kids.  He is smaller than his sister was.  I'm thinking he will be about the same size as the next ones when they are born.  Celeste always throws smaller kids, but they are nice and healthy with a precocious attitude.  Cedric already has the look about him. :-)

Melody and Dove, the dairy girls, are a month old already!  They are a couple of good looking kids.  Better than last years by far, out of the same mom.  Lily's udder is doing better this year, too.  I had to milk her for a couple of weeks before the kids were born so it didn't get mastitis, and gave her lots of garlic and vitamin C.  She's got a good udder now, nice and soft and plenty of milk for these two, and a little left over for me.  I keep the kids on their moms till they are three months old, then wean them and get all the milk myself.  Dam raised kids seem to be stronger and healthier than bottle babies.
The weather finally warmed up for a few days and we got some much needed sunshine, but now it's chilly again, cloudy, breezy and rainy.  There were even a few snowflakes earlier.  Now it's not doing anything, so I think I will go out and do some yard work.  The grass and weeds are growing fast now!  Gotta spend some time with the kids, too. :-)

Monday, May 1, 2017

All New Website!

I now have a totally newly designed website, thanks to Bronwyn and Courtney.  They spent hours on it, and it looks way more professional and organized than what I had.  Thanks, you two!!  Please check it out and let me know what you think.  www.pnfcashmeres.com  Feedback is most welcome.

It was great having the Aussies here. Despite the rainy/snowy weather they got quite a bit done.  I have a new computer desk thanks to them!  Two of them built it while I was in town with the other two.  John got his new greenhouse spot dug out, too.  Plus they made a nice rock and sand path through the muck to the gates of the goat pens.  Brought in a good amount of firewood, finished the new goat stand I was gifted, and probably a few other things that I can't think of right now.
This is a picture of our place from the drone they have, too. Cashmere pens on the left, dairy goats on the right.  Pretty cool, I'm going to have to save up and get one, that would be handy to find the goats when they are out in the big world, and check out this area up here from the air.  I could have lots of fun with it!!  As you can see, we have a lot of roofs with many colors.  It was free and since we can't see all the colors from down here, that's okay. :-)  It keeps things fairly dry and that's what matters.  Plus, it kept it out of the landfill.  Recycling is a good thing.

We are getting a lot of rain/snow!  Over 4 inches above normal precipitation already for the year.  Guess we don't have to deal with drought conditions this year.  Today started out somewhat sunny, but it's totally cloudy again now and lightly raining, which since I'm about to go out and feed, is not a good thing.  Oh well, if it would warm up a bit the grass would really grow!

Well, time to go feed.  Let me know what you think of the new website please! Thanks...