Thursday, November 17, 2016

Small Business Saturday

I really need to post more often on here!  I've been busy getting ready for winter, which we are getting a taste of the last two days.  It's very lightly snowing now, there is about a half inch of snow on the ground.  The ground is finally starting to freeze, so the goat pens will not be so mucky now till Spring.  Not looking forward to that mess come spring. I'll be renting a tractor to clean everything out next year.

The needle felting is going well.  I am going to have a table in the Camas Creek store on main street in Kalispell on Saturday the 26th of November.  I would really like to sell out of everything I have now and start fresh with all new items in 2017.  I don't have a huge amount of inventory, which is why I'm only doing Saturday instead of both Friday and Saturday, but it sure would be nice to sell it all and start fresh next year!  I have a few skeins of cashmere yarn left, the needle felted animals and a couple of crocheted accessories.  Time for them all to go to new homes!  They are all listed in my store, too.  Here is my store.  5% of the proceeds from my sales will be going to the local food bank.  Since I almost had to use their services a few years ago, I like to donate to them whenever I can.  I've taken eggs from our chickens, some produce from our garden, and some items to their second hand store.  I'd like to make a monetary donation, too.  So anything I sell from now till December 27th I will be giving 5% to them.  Everybody should have food to eat, especially in this Country!   So please visit my store or come see me on the 26th, and help feed those in need.  Thanks!