Saturday, January 21, 2012

Interesting Winter, so far

  After two months with virtually no new snow, we got dumped on again, with 12 1/2 inches!  It was really cold, too.  Down in the single digits.  Now it's warmed back up to 42 degrees today!  The snow really settled down again. 
   It's been a rather sad January the last couple of weeks.  Colin's cousin back in Vermont died of hyperthermia a couple of weeks ago while out hiking.  H&C went back there for the funeral this week.  My sincere condolences go out to his family.  19 is too young to die!  At least he died doing something he loved.
   Then this week in the severe cold, I had to put my buck Rusty down.  So now I'm down to three bucks.  It seems things go wrong when I'm here by myself, instead of when there are others around.  The bus is having some issues, too.  The propane isn't working right, so I turned off the tanks and am running back and forth, keeping the fire going in the woodstove to keep it warm enough in there.  Luckily it's fairly warm out now!  What with all the snow, having to put the buck down, and then the bus issues, it hasn't been that good of a week!  But, I've got things pretty much under control again now.  I'm all dug out from the snow, the goat is gone, the bus is warm, and I'm back to doing the cashmere again.  All is well, once more.  Till the next time.  ☺ 
   At least I'm finding out I'm capable of handling things, for the most part.  After my initial panick attack, I figure things out and deal with it all.  One thing about it, there aren't too many dull moments around here!
   That's the update for now.  Time to get to spinning again.  More as it happens...