Sunday, July 20, 2014

Selling some goats

  I've got a couple of bucklings to sell this year.  I'm keeping the cream colored one, but the brown one and the red one are for sale.  $175 each.  All three boys are related, but the cream one is the least related to the rest of the herd, so I'll keep him.  Arthur and Hershey are both out of excellent fiber does and the buck is top quality, too.  Arthur is out of a white doe and buck, and Hershey is out of a black doe and white buck.  Spot is the buck.  If they weren't so related to my herd, I'd keep them myself.  They are so soft to touch!  Hershey is a stout little guy.  They were born mid-April and are weaned now.  If you are interested, I can send more pictures.

  It is July 20th and I have a fire going in the wood stove!  I think the rest of the country, and even the rest of Montana is hot, but we are only at 59° and it's raining.  I'm brewing some kombucha so it needs to be somewhat warm in here.  I'm glad it's raining, it's keeping the fire danger from getting high.  I sure hope my goat friends (and relatives) over in Washington are okay where the fires are.  I have a bunch of relatives and some friends over where the biggest fire is, and I haven't heard if they are safe or not.
Here is another view of Arthur.  As you can see, Fiddle seems to be in the middle of everything all the time.  He's the cream colored one.  He's the dominant one of the bunch, and Arthur is the most laid back one.  Hershey is very food motivated. 

I got a couple of cats from a rescue lady on Friday.  A mama and her kitten.  They've been fixed and all of that good stuff.  I brought them into the house and opened the carrier, and haven't seen much of them since.  They have gone into hiding.  They come out once in a while, but as soon as I move, back into hiding they go.  Obviously they aren't very tame.  As soon as they get used to here, they are going outside to kill mice.  I'm being over run with field mice.  I've caught 38 so far in traps, mostly in the dairy barn.  I had to put down my old cat this last winter and was just going to go without a cat, but with the invasion of mice, I decided a cat was a necessary critter around here.   Hopefully the two will realize I'm okay and am their friend and come out of hiding soon.  They run around in here at night, I hear them, but most of the time they hide.  I can't blame them, the mom had kittens in someone's garage, they called the rescue lady, she trapped the mom and kittens and took them immediately to get fixed, jabbed with needles and all of that.  No wonder they don't trust people!  Once they figure out I'm not going to do anything to them, I think they will be okay.  Hope that doesn't take very long.  They have a very important job to do!  

This pretty double rainbow was taken last week after a little thunderstorm we had.  I always think that a rainbow after a storm is a sign that all is well, despite how things look sometimes.  Oriental poppies and double peonies are so pretty!  The peonies are very fragrant.  Mother nature is showing just how perfect she really is with these.  They are beautiful.  Such detail in their petals.  The poppies are amazing.
Well, that's it for now....