Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chicken Feed

Today I put out some new feed for the chickens and they attacked that with gusto!  I had their regular feed out too, just to see which one they went for.  The new feed won hands down!  It's a non GMO, corn and soy free layer feed, with real grains instead of cooked pellets or crumbles.  It's more expensive than the other feed, but since "you are what you eat" I figure it will be worth it to have healthy chickens, eggs with nice orange yolks, and no questionable feed going into them.  They are getting real food now.

   I'm starting in on the cashmere harvest for this year.  So far it's looking really good!  I'm looking forward to getting it all dehaired before June.  This week I had some help around here and got a wall built along the alley way in the cashmere barn.  I've been wanting to do that since I built the barn a few years ago, and now it's finally done.  Thanks you guys!!  Now the girls have more shelter and there is more room in the alley way.  They had bent the fence panels enough that they were sticking out into the path I take the wheelbarrow on when full of hay to feed them, making it a challenge to get through there.  Not anymore, it's nice and wide and straight. ☺  Next up is the mid-winter clean up of the floor in there.  It's nice and dry, so the composted poo isn't frozen, making it much easier to clean out.  I made little sides for my plastic toboggan today so we can pile more in there at a time to haul over to the compost mountain.

  Well, I'd better get back to crocheting.  I'm making two cashmere hats for people.  I just have three more ounces of cashmere left to spin, and it will all be gone.  Yay!

  It's snowing a bit outside.  Hope we only get an inch this time!  A fresh dinner plate for the goats to eat off of.