Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring is here!

  Spring has finally arrived!  All the snow is gone, the grass is green, the flowers are starting to bloom, life is good! 
  I got the yard all raked and cleaned up today.  Looks much better now!  The tulips the deer ate are actually going to bloom after all.  They got ate at an early enough stage of growth that the flower stems weren't growing yet.  So I'll have some pretty tulips blooming soon!  There are a few daffodils blooming now.  They are so cheery.
  About another week and the goats can get out to eat green things.  They are so tired of being penned up!  The four kids are doing great.  Astrid's kids are just like her in personality.  Always getting into mischief!  The little squirts.  They are so cute, though, it's hard to get annoyed with them. :-)
  The dehairing is going well.  I work outside in the mornings, spend the afternoons dehairing, then work outside some more in the evenings.  I spend the majority of the hot sun part of the day inside, so that is good.  I won't get sunburned that way. :-)
  For the amount of snow we got this last winter, things are drying out fairly rapidly around here.  The snow is all gone up here now.  The last of it melted yesterday.  Down in the Kila area, the water is all across the valley floor now.  From the highway to the mountainside, it's all water.  No houses are flooded since it's a wetlands area there anyway.  Some places the water is getting up pretty close, though.  The weather service is saying there is going to be some major flooding in the Flathead Valley pretty soon.  In some places up in the mountains, there is 600% more snow than usual!  A record amount of snow fell this year!  So when all that melts, there will be a lot of water coming down the streams and rivers.  Glad I live up high on the side of a mountain.  If we get flooded, the whole world is flooded. 
   That's it for now....