Friday, June 16, 2017

Baby Goats, Helpxers

 Wildflowers are blooming all over the forest now.  This was taken up on the "Rocks" behind our place, with Haskill mountain in the background.
 The two oldest chicks hatched so far.  5 and counting.  There should be some more on Monday!
 Carl, one of the cashmere boys.  I think he's "buck quality"!  His coat is softer than the others, and he's a good looking boy.  We'll see how he looks in a few weeks, but I'm thinking he'll be a great buck.  He will also be for sale come September.

We had a great couple from Missouri here for 10 days a week or so ago.  They helped us a lot while they were here.  I also gave them spinning lessons, both making a respectable yarn first time ever spinning.

The wood stove is going, has been for two days again.  It's a cool, damp June, which is normal. The flowers sure are blooming well this year!  All the rain we had earlier and now some more, and they are going great.

I'm going to have a booth at the Glacier Farmers Market in West Glacier starting a week from today!  It is Fridays from 3 to 6 pm in the town of West Glacier, right outside Glacier National Park.  It runs till September 8th.  Should be fun.  There were some neat booths there last year.  Both food and lots of crafts.  Some of the best pies around are there too!  If you are in the area, come check it out.