Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Rain and more rain

I heard on the weather station this morning that we have set a new all-time record for rainfall in October now!  I can believe it, the goat pens are a horrible mess, the driveway  has large "water features", and everything is pretty much saturated around here.  The grass is green again, it's almost more like spring than fall, except for all the gold on the hillsides around here.  The Larches have all turned gold and look beautiful.  This mountain has an abundance of them, so it's a gold world out there.  Soon the road will be paved in gold.

We have an abundance of apples this year.  I think it's the biggest harvest we've ever had, and we had two trees die on us last year!  I think it's time to get out the apple press and make some cider.

Polly my horse is doing fine.  I actually worked with her a bit yesterday, and I do have my work cut out for me getting her over her dislike of saddles, etc.  I was just using the bareback riding pad, and she didn't want me to get that anywhere near her.  I did eventually get it set on her back, but I didn't cinch it up or anything.  Today it rained most of the day, so I didn't do anything with her. She'll get over it all with time and love, but it's going to take a while.  Good thing I have all winter to get her ready.  She's a nice horse, but she was not treated well at the place my friend got her from.  She had to wear saddles that didn't fit right, pack saddles, too, that slipped and hurt.  So she definitely has a strong dislike to anything resembling a saddle getting near her back.  She's fine if it's sitting on the saddle rack, but once it's coming towards her, her ears go back and she starts dancing around.  I did some energy work on her (EFT Tapping) and that worked quite well!  After I did that for a couple of minutes, she stood still and let me put the pad on her back a couple of times.  I quit while I was still ahead, so now she had a positive experience.  We will build on that, and soon she will be accepting of everything.

I am needle felting a limited series of commemorative bears that are small enough to be tree ornaments, or sit on a shelf or desk.  I am putting the year 2016  on their side.  If one has a new baby, new home, new relationship, etc., and wants to remember the year, these are the ticket. They will be in my store on November 1st.   click here to go to it.  There are quite a few other things in there now, if you'd like to check it out.  Handspun cashmere yarn, crocheted items, and needle felted items are all available, with free shipping in the USA.  I will ship worldwide with the buyer paying for the shipping.  Thank-you!  Everything is unique, each is hand made by me, so no two are alike.  The needle felted animals I'm making as realistic looking as I can.  Black bears, grizzly bears, polar bears and pandas are all in there.  I'm making more every week.  Being made out of cashmere makes them really soft, too.  They are not toys, though.

Well, back to the felting table!