Saturday, May 15, 2010


Here are Bruiser and Mocha, Ariel's kids from this year. They are a really pretty rich red/brown. There are a couple of others this color, or variations of this color, this year. 14 cashmere kids all together, and 4 dairy kids. They are all so entertaining to watch playing with each other! Much better than TV in my opinion.
That's Heather, a yearling, in the background. She will be bred this fall. She was the one that last year when she was a baby, she would jump into my arms. Till she got too big, anyway.
Nobody seems to want to do that this year. Only every other year do I get a kid that will jump up into my arms. Oh well...
Today is a nice sunny day. I did the Farmers' Market again today. There were a lot of vendors, way more than last week. Lots more people wandering through, too. I did okay. Sold quite a few soaps. I had my spinning wheel there, which always draws people in. They like to watch me spinning, and showing their kids how yarn is made, the old fashioned way.
Well, time to go do the evening feeding routine....

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