Monday, May 17, 2010

Goats and Bears

Here's Bruiser and his sister, Mocha, playing in the yard.
The bear I saw today was this same color! It was about a mile and a half down the road from our place. I was coming home from town, came around a corner, and there it was, sitting on the side of the road, eating grass. It looked up at me, then turned around and ran up the road a ways, then ducked into the woods. That was pretty neat seeing that! It's been a couple of years since I saw one. The diesel truck is so loud, it's rare that I get to see any wildlife, except deer, when I'm in that thing.

If you look really carefully at this picture, you can see the baby turkeys. There are four in this picture, but there are only two left now. The other two have disappeared. I think the raven that has been grabbing the eggs, grabbed the babies, too. I hope these two survive! There is another hen sitting on a nest on the hill, so I hope those hatch out pretty soon. She's on at least 6 eggs.
Hopefully at least four of them will hatch. We shall see pretty soon, I guess.
I am making progress on the pen cleaning. I didn't get any shoveled out today, but I got two loads yesterday. There are probably close to 100 loads to remove from the main pen. It will be good when that project is done! No more letting it go for two years...
Well, that's all that is happening around here. I'll write again when something interesting happens....

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