Thursday, April 12, 2018

The winter that doesn't want to end

  We got another 2 inches of snow today.  Just when I thought spring might really be here, it was not to be.  The baby goats were not happy.  Speaking of which, there are 13 kids now, with 4 more does due the end of April and into May.  I don't have any pictures on my computer yet, they are all on my phone.  I do have plenty of pictures on my Instagram page @cashmereannie, if you have an Instagram account. 

  I got one box of my dehaired cashmere back.  It is nice!  I've spun up one ounce so far.  Weaving has taken over my interests for the moment.  On a rigid heddle loom, but it sure is fun.  I am taking a beginning weaving workshop next week end to learn how to use a tabletop 4 harness loom.  I don't have room for a tabletop or any other loom in this house.  Acquiring one will have to wait till after my fiber studio is up and running.  Then I'll have room for a few more fiber tools, and, we will have the living room back!  My fibery stuff has pretty much taken over the whole house now.  The husband is finally getting on board with the idea that I really do need a fiber studio so I can move out of the house and get my stuff all in one place, organized and easy to find!

If the snow ever does melt (there is still over a foot of it on the ground), I will be able to get started on clean up and organizing the homestead.  Lots of projects planned for this summer! 

One of these days I really will get some pictures on here of the kids and everything else that's worthy around here! 


  1. We had snow 3 times this past week, but at least it doesn't stick for long. Still ice on the ground though! Glad to hear you are happy with your dehaired fiber. I am finally preparing to send raw cashmere to a mill this year, after a long, long search for the "right" mill. Fingers firmly crossed.

    1. Winter just doesn't want to end, does it. Our snow is melting, but it keeps snowing a little at least twice a week! Good luck with the cashmere dehairing! I sometimes wish I hadn't got rid of the dehairing machine I had. If it didn't use so much electricity I would have kept it. But, the off-grid lifestyle is a hindrance sometimes. Not often, but with that it is. :-)