Saturday, April 16, 2011

Two kids now

Here's the first kid born.  She's a cutie!  Her name is Mariah.  This was taken when she was 24 hours old.  Now she's two weeks old and very sturdy.  She comes running up to me to be petted whenever I go in the pen. 
  Arianna had her kid on the 14th at around 9pm.  I missed that birth.  I went out to check on her again at 10pm and here was a kid up and mostly dried off.  So, Arianna waited till in between checks to do anything. I missed it when she had her first kid a couple of years ago, too.  Oh well, she obviously does just fine without anyone watching.  She has tons of milk.  I might end up milking her on a regular basis if it doesn't slow down.  Luna, the kid, is only using one side, so I'm keeping the pressure off the other side so Arianna doesn't get mastitis. 
  Luna is a solid black little girl.  She has long legs, I think she will be a tall goat like her mom.  Only one left to go now, and that will be sometime next week. 
  As busy as I am with the dehairing, I'm glad I didn't get a whole bunch of kids this year.  This is the fewest I've ever had!  A bit strange, but nice.
  Today I sold two goats to some people from Idaho.  A little almost a year old buckling and a yearling wether.  They went to a good home.  So now I have 51 goats.  Gained two, but sold two.  There are three yearling wethers that will be going into the freezer pretty soon. 
   Got some more goats combed out.  The one I did today has some exceptional fiber!  Better than I thought just looking at him.  Now I only have two adults left to go.  Then I'll do the kids, and then when the bucks have almost completely shed out, I'll clean them up and get them nice looking again.  Since the smell never really gets all the way out of a buck fleece, I don't ever get it processed.  I did that once, spun it into yarn, then made a scarf for my dad out of it.  I wondered why he didn't wear it very much.  After he died and I got the scarf back, I noticed a faint buck smell to it, even after repeated washings and a couple years later.  So, after that I didn't bother to collect the fleeces off the bucks anymore. :-)  The smelly dudes.
   Our snow is finally starting to melt.  The chickens got into my tulip bed and almost destroyed that today.  They also got into the daffodil bed.  I saw them in there, so chased them out before they did too much damage.  Free ranging time is over, too many things are starting to grow now.  They have a huge pen to live in, so it's time to shut them back in there till fall.  The deer are eating every blade of grass on the hill as it's coming up, so there might never be anything for the goats to eat! 
  Well, that's it for now.  I'll post more kid pictures as I get them.     

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  1. I can't wait to see them. I've thought about breeding my girls but it would kinda go against the rescue part of my biz. I love seeing pics of yours though they are sooo cute.