Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lovely Cashmere coming out of the machine in cloud form.  Not the best of pictures, but you can get the idea.  This is the first pass through, so there is still guard hair and other things in it.  It's still very soft and wonderful to feel.

   We are in another arctic blast of winter.  Got 6 inches of snow overnight and this morning.  It's too cold to work in the dehairing room till Thursday, from the sound of the weather forecast.  Single digits and below zero for the next couple of days.  At least the sun is supposed to shine.  The goats will like that.  Good thing I haven't had the time to comb them out yet!  They'd all freeze without their cashmere now.  I will be so glad when I get my "real" dehairing room built that is well-insulated and warm no matter how cold it is outside!  This is frustrating not being able to work, when I have a bunch of cashmere to dehair on a deadline of sorts.  A deadline of my own making, but still....
   I got two DVD's of Judith MacKenzie-McCuin on spinning and plying.  Very good!  "The Gentle Art of Plying", and  "The Spinner's Toolbox".  Both are very good and I highly recommend them, even if you are an experienced spinner.  They are excellent for a beginner.  Very helpful.  She is a wonderful teacher, entertaining and knowledgeable about everything fibery.   The only thing is, I have to be wide awake and not sleepy at all, or I fall asleep, her voice is so mellow and soothing.  Not monotonous, just easy on the ears.

   Well, it's time to get back to spinning!  More as it happens.....

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